29 January, 2009

A treat from Beng

It was a very busy week for me last weekend due to Beng’s Birthday! I got sick and was absent for a day due to fever and flu. Waaaahh!!!!!!

But I enjoyed the treat. After going to church, we had lunch at Crystal Jade with CK and his family. The food was overflowing and everything was extremely delicious! Wohoo!
This is me with the birthday girl

Me with the birthday girl and Jade

Make a wish and blow the candle!!!!

Don't get deceived! This is actually used for "hand-washing" after meal!

In the afternoon, we checked-in at Holiday Inn and she had some of her friends go there. I was very tired because I had to cook (as always!) But it’s okay! It was all worth it!

Wow, imagine nag-kasya kaming lahat sa room! hahaha

The unforgettable game of Lindsay. My gosh, sumakit ang tiyan ko, at in-asthma ako!

25 January, 2009

BENG - A Birthday Greeting Just For You!

It was year 2002 when I first met her. And I will never forget how the Lord brought us together. We were both enrolled in a theatre school and one night, I totally forgot that we will be having pictorial for our concert. I didn’t have any extra outfit and she brought quite a few. She never knew me, I never knew her and since I needed the outfit badly, I borrowed one from her. She was very slim then and her clothes were small but I didn’t care, I still wore the blouse even if it didn’t really look good on me. I saw the look in her eyes as I was wearing her blouse as if she was giving me a warning that I might rip her beautiful blouse. And that’s when it all started……..

Unforgettable memories started to add up.

Other than going through a lot of pains and joys in that theatre school that we attended to, we started going out together.

One of which I will never forget was our trip to Ifugao Banaue last April 2003. I was asked to do a workshop there and I needed some assistance. She and and Adon joined to help me.

Adon, Beng, Jennie, Jeff and Me at Banaue "03

Then around 2004, we both worked in an Outbound Call Centre in Makati. It was really funny because we didn’t last in that company for long. It was the most terrible call centre experience ever for both of us!

you were there on my 30th birthday too!

at Gateway

Later on we both worked on 2 different call centres and I really admired her for being so hard-working. While having a full time job in customer service industry, she still worked part-time selling different stuff and getting into different income generating businesses. I remember one time we were helping each other sell shoes, apparel and accessories and we were able to earn quite an amount of money.

Other than being workaholics, we also love to eat out. We normally go to Antipolo or Gateway to eat and watch movies, and of course our favourite hang-out place as always, Starbucks!

my first week in Singapore, we were at the SMRT on our way to Pasir Ris to view a possible flat that we can rent which eventually turned out to be our home for more than a year now.
biking and bonding moments at Pasir Ris Park
our first Christmas in Singapore
we just love to eat!!!!
Valentine 2008
our very first babana boating experience at Bintan Indonesia
hataw sa sayawan si Beng!!!! go, go go!
kahit sa kantahan.....
ang ayoko lang minsan e' agaw eksena! hahaha moment ko 'to e, ako ang birthday girl ng time na'to! hehehehe

So many years have passed but still we are together. Here in Singapore, we stay in the same house and we are still creating more and more wonderful memories.

To you my dear friend, I offer a BIG HUG and an endless THANK YOU

for being such a wonderful friend and a sister in Christ
for the many times you laugh at my jokes
for encouraging and praying for me when the going gets tough
for giving me warnings and reminders when I get too stubborn at times
for teaching me how to save, hahaha
for lending me your clothes, shoes and accessories when the need arises
for teaching me how to be more beautiful inside and out
for loving me inspite of my shortcomings
for biking, cooking, reading and going out to gimmicks with me
for helping me start a life in Singapore when I first came here

and for many other reasons I cannot even remember anymore.

I pray that you will continue to bless lives and inspire people in your own way. May you become more and more dependent to the ONE CREATOR who loves you without condition

Whatever happens, please remember that you have a friend and a sister in me who will pray for you and love you just the same.

I love you Benggay! And a very happy 30th birthday to you!

“A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”
Proverbs 18:24

21 January, 2009


I took up my Master’s in Special Education in UP years ago but no one told me that other than ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) there is such a thing as WADD or Worship Attention Deficit Disorder! Hehehe The malady attacks normally when you are at church having Corporate Worship. I hate to admit it but I guess I have been suffering from this disorder for a very long time. You know, I love having to sing songs and worship the Lord every Sunday, but to tell you honestly, I am not sure how much percentage am I able to offer in concentrating and in focusing on “real worship” on the entirety of the worship service. The symptoms are evident; it include lack of focus, a faraway look in the eyes and the impression that I’m not all “there”; it’s like my brain is having an out-of- body experience. At the beginning I would be fully alert and very engaged then after awhile, my mind would start to wander and I become completely distracted. I’ll suddenly start thinking about so many other stuff like what to eat for lunch, what follow-ups I need to do at work, how will I spend my weekend, what menu will I prepare for the next day and so on and so forth……. My mouth might be moving but I am not thinking at all about what I am I singing. What a shame! L “My words fly up, my thoughts remain below; words without thoughts never to heaven go.” (King Claudius in Hamlet)

Apparently, I’m not the only one suffering from Worship ADD. But it’s definitely not an excuse for me to stay lax and not do something about it. As I was reading the book of my favourite author Rory Noland “The Worshiping Artist”, he said that as we worship, we should be more attentive to the names and attributes of God. And so I tried it! While singing along with the congregation, I search the lyrics for any characteristics, descriptions, or names of God and I emphasize those portions and sing them with greater energy. And guess what? It worked! For 2 months now, since I got to a read that remedy for Worship ADD, I have been fully aware and focused on God’s description in every song that I sing during worship. Like for example, last Sunday we sang the old hymn entitled “MAJESTY” and for that alone, I started thanking and worshiping God on how MAJECTIC He has been in my life. Other songs referred Him as ALL-POWERFUL, SOVEREIGN, GLORIOUS, KING OF KINGS, FORGIVER, MARVELOUS, MASTER, REDEEMER, SAVIOUR, LORD OF ALL, HEALER, RULER OF ALL, MOST HIGH GOD, NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES, PRINCE OF PEACE, OUR REFUGE, RESTORER, PROVIDER and I can go on and on and on……… And once I started thinking about His character or description, my mind will automatically remind me of how that particular character of God blessed and touched my life. It is very effective and a truly wonderful time of worship!

I encourage you to try it yourself the next time you go to church and sing for Him with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind. I wouldn’t want to break God’s heart anymore by mindlessly going through the motions during worship. Worshipping without conviction is what prompted Jesus to lament, “These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me” (Matthew 15:8)
Let us not allow corporate worship to digress into merely a sing-along time before the sermon. In I Corinthians 14:15, Paul says, “I will sing with my spirit, but I will also sing with my mind.”

Lovely verse isn’t it?

And so since then, each time I go to church, I make sure that no one talks to me or bothers me during worship; and that when I sing hymns or worship choruses, I interact intellectually and emotionally with lyrics that point directly to God.

Until next time, God bless you!

18 January, 2009

I Went Biking Today!

My gosh! It has been quite awhile since the last time I went biking. I felt so bad because I only went on 2 rounds along Pasir Ris town park and I was tremendously catching my breathe already. I guess I'm back to basic since I stopped doing my regular exercise for a few months now. (gulo kasi ng sked ko! grrrrrr..... )
I normally bring a book, a bible and a bottle of water with me whenever I'd go biking. Sometimes I bring a mat and food, depending on how long I plan to stay at the park. Today, I went to the townpark around 15 minutes away from my place and I really enjoyed watching all types of people in there. There were families having a picnic, people reading books(like me!), friends chatting and most of all a lot of men fishing! However, I didn't see anyone lucky enough to get a fish unlike the last time I was there. Too bad! hehehe
If there is one thing I really like staying here in Singapore it is that, I can easily go to a place like this were there is PEACE AND QUIET! (medyo wala nito sa Pinas e, kung meron man, malayo! which is a very sad reality)
After biking I went to a clothing boutique(again!) and bought a dress and a very nice blouse! I also went to buy some groceries and ingredients for my dinner menu. I have been craving for this meal this whole week and now finally I had the time to cook! GRILLED CHICKEN with CORN and BUTTERED BROCCOLI Yum, Yum!
Anyway, I am so tired right now so I'd better get some rest! :-)

My latest Apparel

This is my Christmas gift for myself! I soooo like the color and style and it really fits me!!! And the best thing is, I got it at a very reasonable price because the boutique (WANKO) went on a Holiday Sale.(don't ask anymore how much co'z my housemates would still say, IT IS VERY EXPENSIVE! hahaha) Anyway, I always believe that hardwork = reward and so, here goes my reward.....
i'm wearing this dress (above) on the wedding banquet of my
chinese friend this end of the month! i'm soooo excited!

cute ng skirt! aliw!

12 January, 2009

When I Fall in Love.......

When I fall in love it will be forever
Or I'll never fall in love
In a restless world like this is
Love is ended before its begun
And too many moonlight kisses
Seem to cool in the warmth of the sun
When I give my heart it will be completely
Or I'll never give my heart
And the moment I can feel that you feel that way too
Is when I fall in love with you

I soooo love this song! Maybe because it tells a lot of things about me.Or maybe because it's the principle that I stand for until now. Inspite of the pressure, the why's and why not's of the people around me regarding my "singleness", I am still not bothered at all! I do admit though that from time to time, I get this feeling of longingness to have a "significant other" in my life however, it does not last for long.
Sometimes, I am thinking, maybe the Lord blessed me with celibacy. I am not so sure yet though because until now, there are no clear indications from Him yet. At this point, there is only one thing I am sure of, that is, whether single or married, I can very happy. You know why? because the God who gives joy to those who are married is the same God who gives joy to those who are single. And I really praise God for that!
For many single women in general, the standard in choosing a mate gets lower as they get older. But for me, the older I get, higher standards are being set! :-) This is because I learn more about God and relationships. A woman's "age" or "biological clock" should not be reasons for her to settle for the second best!
The Lord has been faithful in giving me the patience to wait and I know that in love, WAITING = REWARD, MORE JOY, LESS PAIN, MORE TRUST, LESS DOUBT, MORE LOVE AND RESPECT, NO REGRETS!
May God answer my one prayer eversince, and that is, for Him to allow my first to be my last!
Oh man, what a day it will be! One day soon, I will have my own story to tell :-) *wink*wink*

11 January, 2009


my favorite scene in the musicalLast night I had the privilege of watching Lea Salonga's CINDERELLA the Musical at Esplanade Theater. It was a very expensive "stress reliever" for me but nevertheless I enjoyed every single moment I was there watching. As expected, Lea did an awesome job in all aspect of her performance. The production and set design was amazing and creatively done. The songs are just quite okay, not much of "recall" or LSS but some of my favorites were "In my own Little Corner", "Do you love me because I love you" and "The Prince is Having a Ball".
amazing production and set design
excellent performance by Lea

I watched the play with some of my closest friends from my workplace and then afterwards, we went to STARBUCKS! One of my favorite hang-out place wherever I go! wohooo!!!!

Paula, Cat, Beverly, Me, Lei and Farah my starbucks moment! :-)
Overall, the musical is worth a pretty penny! What a night!

If you want to know more about it, please click on the link below:

08 January, 2009


I would like to start this blog with a very deep sigh.... as in very deeeeppp sighhhhhhhhh........

This afternoon, my colleagues and I received some unexpected news from higher management. Our team leaders had a meeting with the “bosses” and when they got out of the room, everyone looked so stressed out. My DTM told us that the management has set higher expectation to all of us and that is to meet the matrix and hit at least 120 calls a day per officer! Upon hearing this, most of us really reacted disapprovingly because we really think that they are asking for the impossible. Most of the calls that we receive are not simple inquiries that can be resolved right away. In fact, we get a lot of complain calls due to system error or inconsistencies of certain procedures. Now, we thought that was it! Later on we realized that there’s more to this “bad news” than we thought. We found out that the management is actually considering closing down the Call Centre in Singapore if we don’t hit the new matrix and they will transfer the business to Malaysia. Now for us, that was really a very devastating news because last year, after all this news on retrenchments and global crisis issues came out, they sent out an e-mail that the last thing they want to do is to lay off employees and so they opted on cutting expenses on other stuff like business travel limitations, recycling of materials and by freezing any promotion for 2009. Then this news came………………

Time and again, this shows how UNCERTAIN life is! I personally thought that our company is stable and that we are not affected much.But I guess I spoke too soon. Good grief!

Other than this, the business news this morning cited that this global crisis that we have right now is just so totally serious that it will take a longer time than expected for us to be able to recover.

Business Mirror today states that:
“RESPECTED international economist Jeffrey Sachs, who has advised developing-country governments and was recently cited for his advisory work for the United Nations (UN), is in town with some bad news: He does not share the optimism of some experts that the current economic crisis will ease later this year or anytime soon, saying the crisis created “imbalances” that are too serious to be resolved quickly or easily.
Sachs said that despite the optimism expressed by some economists, he doesn’t see any recovery from the economic crisis anytime soon due to the extent of the damage the crisis has caused in financial markets and economies, in general.
He said the crisis has caused so much damage that fiscal strategies, spending measures and even the role of rating agencies must be reexamined or even overhauled.
Because of this, Sachs expects unemployment to be relatively high for a longer time than expected.
Sachs also cited a need to come up with a well-structured medium-term plan, without which the crisis could even be prolonged.”

Well, all of these “uncertainties” in our economy are totally uncontrollable and I honestly feel bad about this especially now that we are beginning to feel the gravity of the situation. However, on the lighter side, I glad that no matter what global crisis happens in this world, GOD’s ECONOMY IS NOT AFFECTED IN ANY SINGLE WAY AT ALL!!!!! Wohoo!!!! That for me is already enough reason not to worry because I know that HE IS IN CONTROL!
That in spite of all calamities and downfall, He will take good care of His children.

Luke 12:24 (New International Version)
24Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds!

I remember one song I used to sing in church that tells exactly about that verse mentioned above. It was a Filipino Gospel song entitled SINO KA MAN and it says,

“Ba’t ang mga ibon di man lang nagugutom,
Laging may awit sa umaga ma’t hapon,
Tila kaya mayroong dakilang Maylikha,
Nag-aaruga at Nag-aalaga?”

And I say, yes THERE IS!

With all uncertainties in life, only one thing is certain, GOD’S LOVE FOR HIS CHILDREN WILL NEVER CHANGE! And whoever believes in Him will NEVER GO HUNGRY!

John 6:35 (New International Version)
35Then Jesus declared, "I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.

What a blessing!

05 January, 2009

Some of the things I wish to accomplish for 2009

- will exercise at least twice a week (badminton, biking, jogging etc)
- will eat more fruits and veggies; less meat
- will drink more juice, milk, tea and water; no soda; less chips and other "unhealthy and oily" food

- lose weight the proper way

- save at least 10% of my salary every month starting January
- finish paying all outstanding loans

- to have all of my family members visit Singapore
- to open a business for them

Personal Growth
- to spend more time with the Lord everyday and
grow more in the area of "private worship".
- read at least one book a month
- to love more, pray more, give more, trust more in Him
- visit Banaue again or Palawan or Boracay
- visit Bintan Lagoon Resort again with my family
- visit Hongkong Disneyland or Maldives or Australia

- no lates, no absences (unless really very ill) this 2009
- will find time to learn more about our processes and bank procedures
- very minimal errors; no service lapse

- Produce Ted’z Concert Launch this October
- Blog all events of my life for 2009 (even if I hate writing)
- Set – up the Day Care Business Procedures and Policies
- Set up one Team Building for ACTS
-Attend the Youth Camp and be with ACTS for our 6th Year Anniversary
-learn at least 10 New Chinese Recipes
-learn at least 5 Chinese words every month
-watch at least 1 musical every quarter

My ORDINARY BOB Prayer Request:
To finish my contract with UOB inspite of the very stressful work.
To go to New York and watch a live Broadway Musical.
To visit Africa and do a 1 week Manna Feeding Program or an Arts Festival there.
To host, organize and sponsor Rory Noland's HEART OF THE ARTIST Conference in the Philippines.