30 March, 2009

UOB Heartbeat Walk/Run 2009

I love volunteer work!

Other than the fact that the Lord gave me a heart of service, it always give me joy to be with people. The company where I work gives us opportunities to engaged ourselves in community service and with that I am grateful.
with Lih Pin and my colleagues
It has become an annual event for UOB to have this Heartbeat Run/Walk.As we continue to grow in the Asia-Pacific region, we play an even bigger role in Corporate Social Responsibility. Besides giving back to the community through financial donations, UOB firmly believes that its staff should also be actively engaged in the community through volunteer activities. Initiated by Mr Wee Ee Cheong (Deputy Chairman and CEO of UOB Group), UOB Heartbeat – UOB’s staff volunteerism programme – kicked off with the Heartbeat Run/Walk in March 2007 to raise funds for UOB’s beneficiaries: Children’s Aid Society (CAS) and Very Special Arts, Singapore (VSA). Buoyed by the success of the first Heartbeat Run/Walk, a second one was held in April 2008 to raise funds for CAS and VSA, who have been chosen as beneficiaries for another year and runs still the same for 2009.
Mr Wee Ee Cheong (Deputy Chairman and CEO of UOB Group), giving check for UOB beneficiary

In running the UOB Heartbeat staff volunteerism activities, the bank hopes to achieve the following:
*Fulfill corporate social responsibility
*Leverage on staff volunteerism to extend UOB's company values: In pursuing business goals, there is a need to look after the people we work with and help the communities we operate in. This is achieved by giving back to the communities “with no strings attached.”
UOB Heartbeat Run Participants
The objective of the UOB Heartbeat staff volunteerism programme is to ensure that volunteerism becomes a part of the organisation’s “DNA”, which all employees internalise and live by.

bottled water everywhere

I personally wanted to participate in the Walk but since there was a need for more volunteers, I opted to just choose the latter as I would normally do. It was great working with people of different races and of other UOB departments. my team of volunteers as we were being designated to our location

my trainers in UOB ( Joey on my right and Kim on my left)

Until our next UOB HEARTBEAT Activity!

Ladies Night Out!

In times of very stressful work load, the best place to go is KTV!!!!!!! hehehee

Fun time with officemates at KBox as we all need a break. We love going to this place because food is overflowing!!!!!! yum, yum!

Lei and me
UOB Friends!

picture to the max!

And the night will not be complete without a sip of starbucks coffee........ :-)

sexy ladies!

15 March, 2009

Sunrise Wedding

It was a very early Sunday morning, Pam and Angelo finally tied the knot! Wohoo!!!!
the couple (Angelo and Pam)
I find their wedding really unique. A picnic at Botanical garden followed by a prayer walk. It was my first time to attend a "sunrise wedding" and I really am blessed with the simplicity of the whole event. I soooooo...... love the idea of having a prayer walk. Pam gave us a list of what to pray for, mostly regarding the two of them of course. How blessed can it be when you get the privilege to be prayed over by your family members and your closest friends:-) Whoa!


Part of the simplicity of this wedding is the food. I find it so amusing that we had porridge (as in "goto", yum, yum), bread, coffee, milk and tea this very day.... It's sooooo cute!!!

Jade, yummy yan a! weeeeee!!!

we sat on the mat as we eat, picnic style ang reception! bongga!
We also had a moment of sharing from those who were married and then the bride went to change her clothes to a bridal gown. Pam was so cute, she didn't even bother to ask help when she changed outfit! very independent huh!

tita Monica (above) and Kuya Matt (below) sharing words of wisdom to the couple

And off we go to Botanical Garden's Gazebo for the solemnation...........

Pam on her way to the Gazebo

the groom
here comes the bride, all dressed in white!!!
Super Pretty Pammy!

mother and daughter!

nice gown Pam!
To Pam and Angelo, This is only the beginning, so much lies ahead. But please do remember that Jesus said, A life that is divided will never stand at all. But a life that's built in Jesus' love is never gonna fall!
May you grow together in Him deeper each day. I love you both! CONGRATULATIONS! Muah!

you may now kiss the bride! yehey!!!

closest friends and Pam's family

this is moi!!!! (cute di ba? hehehe)

08 March, 2009

Jade at 27

It was Jade's birthday last Tuesday! And being part of "bahay ni ate", she was in for a surprise!!! Most of us didn't greet her until last minute. We bought a nice chocolate cake and filled our room with lighted candles and colorful balloons. We did this because our dear little sister would always rant on having a birthday party with lots of balloons and so, dream come true Jade! hahaha
make a wish and blow the candle!

This afternoon, we had BBQ party and celebrated Jade's birthday at Pasir Ris Park. I cooked pansit(noodle) for long life as they say, hehehehe and marinated lots and lots of chicken and pork. We also had fish, hotdog, corn and squid. For appetizer we had some nachos and cheese. yum, yum!

I so love grilled food! yummy!

cat, watch your diet! hahaha

the birthday girl and moi!
the ice-cream cake I didn't even know existed! (it just dissapearred you know! hahaha)

dalaga ka na, hindi na bata! yezzzz!!!!
ang makukulit na barkada!

May you continue the discipline that you have been showing us and may your heart be always a heart of obedience to Him. You inspire us in many ways than you know! We love you! Muah!

"Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

Friday Night Out

TGIF! Thank God it's Friday!

I went out with my friends to watch a movie but unfortunately, the moviehouse was fullybooked.(as always! Grrrrrr!!!!!!!) We decided to just go on foodtrip and chat.I sooooooooo... miss going out with friends. We seldom get to do this due to our very crazy schedule.

Ofcourse the night will not be complete without having a sip of our favorite STARBUCKS! :-) our favorite coffee ever!